Risi-Competizione is of necessity, very protective about the types of products and sponsors that we endorse and that are used on our cars.


Both the race cars and the road models. This applies to every type of product, from car covers to mechanical items.

In order for Risi Competizione to use and/or endorse a product, it must go through a stringent testing and evaluation process, during which it is compared to existing products that use as well as our own history with similar products used in the past.

I am delighted to say that we have tested virtually every product which is or could be considered a competitor to IBIZ® (both US and European brands) IBIZ® not only exceeded our expectations, but was markedly superior to other similar products.

Thank you for producing a superior product that meets our standards of quality for Ferrari, the most prestigious sports car in the world and for our racing team.

IBIZ® is the only product exclusively used by our race team and it is with pleasure that we designate IBIZ® as an Official Supplier of IBIZ® Waterless Wash and Wax products for RisiCompetizione.

Yours Sincerely,
Simon Dawson, Sponsorship Manager, Risi Competizione